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If you would like more information about our firm or if you are interested in having our firm present a search proposal to your organization, please contact us at the address or phone number listed below.  You will be provided with a search proposal that is specific to your position. It will outline the scope of services to be rendered, a search time-line, and consultation fees.  In addition, we will plan to meet with all concerned parties to gain a complete understanding of the position and your company's organizational culture, work environment, so that we can determine the technical skills and personal characteristics necessary to make a successful match for your organization.

Weida G. Tucker, President
W.G. Tucker & Associates, Inc.
Franklin Centre
4240 Greensburg Pike, Suite L-100
Pittsburgh, PA  15221
Business Phone:  (412) 351-9309
Fax:   412-351-9195
Web Site:  www.wgtucker.com
Email: WeidaTucker@wgtucker.com


Please forward a copy of your resume in Word format to Corporate@wgtucker.com and it will be forwarded to the appropriate Recruiter.  You will be contacted when we have an appropriate opening that is in line with your career goals and background.